Double Case Lays

This page attempts to make it easy to search through all the case lays shown, to find a particular layout.

Double cases are constructed with three different patterns of right hand "upper" case rows:
Seven rows for upperSix rows for upperFive rows for upperU.S. five rows upper

These three styles are listed separately below, in chronological order. All the case lays are separate pages, but each page has been/will be given a link to both the earlier, and the later, page, to allow an immediate link from one to another without having to return to this present list. Note that the double cases shown here are identified as all having a wide box the same width as the i box, unlike the U.S. version, which has a divided box above the i box. The five row version of the U.S. (California Job) case is otherwise constructed almost the same as the Double case, and it is therefore listed below, although the sizes of the upper case rows and some lower case boxes can vary.

Note that the dates shown below are not necessarily the first, or last, use of a particular layout.

Seven "upper" rowsSix "upper" rowsFive "upper" rowsU.S. "California" Job five rows
London (Atkins 1932)Improved (Caslon 1897)Improved (Printers Register 1875)California Job (Palmer & Rey 1892)
Gaelic (Cummins 1952)Adana (Aspinall 1936)New Norcia (New Norcia 1950s)California Job (Hamilton 1897)
Modern (Wallis 1959)Improved (Broad Jesse 1940s)Talbot (Talbot 1960s)California Job (Hamilton 1932)
IPSA/BPS (Lindley 1983)Shepherd (Shepherd 1958)(Talbot divides bottom row, making 6)English California Job (Whetton 1946)
Duplicate (Sind 1999)Talbot (Talbot 1960s)St Bride (St Bride 2014)California Job (Polk & Gage 1953)
Central St Martins (CSM 2012)Stephenson Blake (Millington 1963) W.A. California Job W.A.Ed.Dept 1960)
 Curwen (Curwen 1968) English California Job (Camberwell 1990s)
 Southern College of Art (SCA c.1970) Melbourne California Job (MMOP 2014)
 English (Lindley & Maggs 1970) St Bride (St Bride 2015)
 Heffer (Heffer 1970s) New Zealand (Cobblestones 2015)
 Dorset House (Dorset House 1976) New Zealand (Printing Museum 2015)
 English Improved (Alembic 1980s)  
 Dramrite (Dramrite 1980s)  
 Camberwell (CSA 1990s)  
 English (Old Clewer 2001)  
 Reading (Reading Univ 2002)  
 Scottish (Glasgow S of A 2005)(the Scotttish lower sections differ slightly) 
 Incline (Incline 2000s)  
 Stellar Press (St Bride 2015)  
 St Bride (St Bride 2015)  
 Lawrence (R.Lawrence 2015)  

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This page was written in 2014 by David Bolton and last updated 9 June 2015