California Job Case

ffi6m5m4m'ke12345678£flffl  AEOE
xvu   t   3 em
   a      r   ;:quads

This lay is that shown by Palmer & Rey: Specimen Book (1892). The later Hamilton lay of 1897 has fl instead of 6em spaces, reverses ? and !, uses separate boxes for AE and ae, etc, and has $ £ & ffl in different positions. Like most Cap case lays, it puts ffl in the bottom right box, which Palmer & Rey do not do, in either their Cap or Job case lay. The Hamilton lay became the more normal lay, though with various omissions of some spacing, ligatures and signs.

The empty case configuration is California Job. Note that the right hand bay has one short row, and four tall rows, which style continued until at least 1907 (see BB&S Book of Type Specimens No.9). The more modern California Job and California Job versions have an upper bay of one short row, three tall rows, and one short row, eg Henry (1917), Atkins (c1930), Polk (1937), Whetton (1946), Polk & Gage (1953), Missouri-Central (1959), Hostettler (1963), Kelsey (1969) and American Printing Equipment & Supply Co (1983).

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