La Parisienne (Swiss)


This Swiss and French case construction is shown in Audin: Histoire de l'imprimerie par l'image (1929) as La Casse Parisienne by Ed[mond] Morin. It is also shown in a layout from the École des Arts Décoratifs de Genève, and are some of the cases in use at the Ecomusée Voltaire, Genève in 2004. The construction is almost the same as Muller's La Parisienne (c.1910), but there are five extra boxes made by sub-dividing four boxes in the top (upper) section right row, and one in the bottom (lower) section left column. There are 115 boxes in total. A further variation has an extra sub-division in one of the boxes in the far right column.

The cases in wood, as made by Roman Scherer, Lucerne, are 85cm x 50cm. Other cases, with the same configuration but with plastic interiors, are 65cm x 50.5cm. The type layout is shown as La Parisienne and Swiss Parisienne, or Helvetica with the additional divided box.

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