St Bride Foundation Double Case

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This English layout is held by the Print Workshop of St. Bride Foundation in London in 2015, although it relates to the U.S. style of case, with a divided box above the i box, and five rows in the upper case section. As with Stephenson Blake and London School of Printing and Aspinall the numerals are in the centre bay, unlike Heffer and Lindley & Maggs where they are in the right hand bay. As with many layouts, there are numerous small differences, for example compared with the London |School of Printing lay, thin spaces replace hair spaces, mid spaces are moved to where em quads usually go, and the old mid/thin box is now used for quotation marks. The q remains in the traditional position above . rather than be moved closer to u and as the — remains in its more traditional position, the fl ligature has had to be in the top right hand row. Both London and St Bride have and & in the right hand bottom row, where Æ and Œ used to go (e.g. Caslon of 1897).

The empty typecase configuration is that of the California Job Case.

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