Nagra-Einteilung für Fraktur

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ÄÖÜ tzß|täöü''»'*¦§

This German lay is the Lehrtafel 4 of Klingspor, on display at Druckladen des Gutenberg-Museums, Mainz, 2001. The lay is also shown by Genzmer, Buch des Setzers, 1961. The Fraktur-Einteilung Nach Normblatt is DIN16502, a German standard. Nagra is the Normenausschuß für das graphische Gewerke. The empty case configuration is German Single.

The letters are Fraktur, and not Roman as shown here. The two e and n boxes on the left are reserve boxes. The | represents long s, and ¦ single dagger. Spacing (Didot) is 1pt, 1½pt, 2pt (Punkte) and ¼em 1/3em ½em and em (Geviert). The lay and configuration is slightly different to the Fraktur case of Bauer: Handbuch für Schriftsetzer (1917) and Gebrochene Schriften of Druckladen des Gutenberg-Museums (1997).

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