Comparison of Lays of English Double Cases

The contents of the particular row are shown on the left, and the location of the row in the double case is shown in red on the right. For simplicity, this shows a standard double case with seven rows in the upper (right hand) bay. However, most of the lays are for more modern cases, with a different number of rows in the right hand bay (which can thus affect the distribution of the minor characters). Therefore the particular style of each lay is also shown, eg 6 represents six rows, with the two top rows smaller than the four rows below. (The left hand, lower case, bay construction is the same for every lay). The dates shown are the date that the source of the lay was obtained, or published, but note that in most cases, the lay will have been in use for a considerable time before that date.
The box contents below are for the central bay. There are separate pages for the left hand bay and the right hand bay and also for a summary of the right hand (upper case) variations in construction style.
Date  Row contentsType layu.c.
Row position
 Top row
1887 md/thn'?!123Southward5
1930smd/thn123456London Col of Printing7
1959mid'?!; flWallis7
1970smid'?!;ctflSouthern C. of Art6
1976mid123456Dorset House6
1980v?! ...flfflLindley & Maggs6   Notes re right (u.c.) bay style:
1980v?!...--fflffiHollins7   7 = all rows same size
1990smid123456Dramrite6   6 = 2 small, 4 large
2001mid'?!;thinflJarrold6   6+ = 1 small, 4 large, 2 small
2001thn/md'?!  flCamberwell6   5 = 1 small, 4 large
2002p'?!;  Reading6 
2nd row
1887 ;ffi Southward5
1930s78London Col of Printing7
1959 ffWallis7
1970sstffSouthern C. of Art6
197678Dorset House6
1980fiffiLindley & Maggs6   Notes re right (u.c.) bay style:
1980ffflHollins7   7 = all rows same size
1990s78Dramrite6   6 = 2 small, 4 large
2001hairffJarrold6   6+ = 1 small, 4 large, 2 small
2001 ffCamberwell6   5 = 1 small, 4 large
3rd row
1887 is fgfiff Southward5
1930sis fg90London Col of Printing7
1936is fg90Aspinall6
1959is fgthinfiWallis7
1963is fg98Sheffield6
1968is fgkfiCurwen6
1965-9is fg90Talbot6+
1970sis fgkfiHeffer6
1970sis fgkfiSouthern C. of Art6
1975is fg([Alembic6
1976is fg90Dorset House6
1980is fwffthinLindley & Maggs6   Notes re right bay style:
1980is fwthinfiHollins7   7 = all rows same size
1990sis fg90Dramrite6   6 = 2 small, 4 large
2001is fgkfiJarrold6   6+ = 1 small, 4 large, 2 small
2001is fgkfiCamberwell6   5 = 1 small, 4 large
2001is fgthinfflClewer6 
2002is fgkfiReading6 
4th row
 see Row 5 below 
5th row
1887 oy p,wenemSouthward5
1930soy p,wenemLondon Col of Printing7
1936oy p,wenemAspinall6
1959oy p,wenemWallis7
1963oy p,wenemSheffield6
1968oy p,wthnmidCurwen6
1965-9oy pw,enemTalbot6+
1970soy p,wen..Heffer6
1970soy p,wenemSouthern C. of Art6
1975oy p,wthkenAlembic6
1976oy p,wenemDorset House6
1980omid ,fgenemLindley & Maggs6   Notes re right bay style:
1980omid ,fgenemHollins7   7 = all rows same size
1990soy p,wenemDramrite6   6 = 2 small, 4 large
2001oy p,wenemJarrold6   6+ = 1 small, 4 large, 2 small
2001oy p,wenemCamberwell6   5 = 1 small, 4 large
2001oy p,wenemClewer6 
6th row
1887 q; Southward5
1930sk:London Col of Printing7
1970sq:Southern C. of Art6
1976k:Dorset House6
1980;:Lindley & Maggs6   Notes re right bay style:
1980;:Hollins7   7 = all rows same size
1990sqjDramrite6   6 = 2 small, 4 large
2001q:Jarrold6   6+ = 1 small, 4 large, 2 small
2001q:Camberwell6   5 = 1 small, 4 large
7th (bottom) row
1887 ar .-quad Southward5
1930sar .-quadLondon Col of Printing7
1936ar .-quadAspinall6
1959ar .-quadWallis7
1963ar .-quadSheffield6
1968ar .-emsCurwen6
1965-9ar -:quadTalbot6+
1970sar .-quadHeffer6
1970sar .-quadSouthern C. of Art6
1975ar .-emsAlembic6
1976ar .-quadDorset House6
1980ar .-quadLindley & Maggs6   Notes re right bay style:
1980ar .-quadHollins7   7 = all rows same size
1990sar .-quadDramrite6   6 = 2 small, 4 large
2001ar .-quadJarrold6   6+ = 1 small, 4 large, 2 small
2001ar .-quadCamberwell6   5 = 1 small, 4 large
2001ar .-quadClewer6 
2002ar .-quadReading6 
This continues as the right hand bay (for the upper case characters), but you can return to the left hand bay or go to a summary of the right hand (upper case) variations in construction style.

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