Palmer & Rey Lower Case

ffi fl 5
 '  k e 1  2  3  4  5  6 78
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This U.S. layout is shown in Palmer & Rey's Specimen Book of 1892, as the one generally used all over the Pacific Coast. It is also shown in Lockwood: American Dictionary of Printing and Bookbinding (1894) and by American Typefounders in 1896. It differs from the BB&S 1893 and ATF 1895 version in having fl in the lower case. Apart from reversing the position of ! and ?, it is the same as that shown by American Type Founders: American Line Type Book (1906) and thereafter in Henry: Printing for School & Shop (1917), American Type Founders: Catalogue (1923), Gujarati Type Foundry: Type Book (1928 and still current in 1980s), Polk: The Practice of Printing (1926 and 1937), Updike: Printing Types (1937), and the News Lower of Missouri-Central Type Foundry: Price List (1959), etc. The earlier lay of MacKellar: The American Printer (1866), does not reverse ? and ! but does reverse w and ,.

The Palmer & Rey Cap is the companion upper lay and the empty case configuration is MacKellar's US Lower.

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