N.Z. Printing Museum Job Case 2

ffifl/ke 12345678 $()[]
j b   c  disfgff9ABCDEFG
xvu    t    4 to em
    a        r    ;:em

This New Zealand lay is shown in The Printing Museum's Wellington Centre for Book Arts in 2020. The lay had been amended slightly, as Job Case 3, and also differs slightly fom the Job Case shown on The Printing Museum website in 2015. The case style is of a California Job case, with the divided boxes above the i box, and follows the U.S. style of figures in the top row of the centre bay, but for example has j in an unusual place, rather than adjacent to k.

The empty case configuration is the California Job (e.g. Whetton 1946 or Lieberman 1963).

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This page was written in 2020 by David Bolton and last amended 24 February 2020.