Improved New York Job Case

*ABCDEFG HIJKLMNO £flffl  aeoe

This U.S. lay is shown by American Type Founders' Co, Pacific Coast Blue Book, Specimens of Type, Printing Machinery, Printing Material (1896). The improvement is to the caps bay, which used to have seven rows of boxes the same size, but now has only five rows, with the top row smaller than the rest. The lay shown here by ATF differs from their Improved New York Job of 1906 which has the small cap U and J at the end of the alphabet,and for example fl and fi in a different place.

The earlier style of New York Job was called New York Job by ATF in 1893, but Boston Job by ATF in 1895. By 1922 Hamilton showed the Improved New York Job with both the top and bottom caps rows smaller than the middle three rows.

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