Gould's Upper Case

  A    B    C    D    E    F    G   ABCDEFG
1234567 áéíóú  §  ¦¦
890£ç{fist   à     è     ì     ò     ù  ||¦
äëïöü. . .kâêîôû   *  

This English layout is shown by Joseph Gould: The Letter-press Printer (1876) and in the 2nd edition 1881 and still in the fourth edition 1888. It is almost the same as that shown by Luckombe (1771) except for replacing the long s ligatures with three dot leader, fist and brace, swapping ç for £ and hair spaces for ç, and moving à - ù to the bottom row. Note that k is still in the Upper case.

Gould comments that this is the upper case as most commonly laid, but that in some offices the capitals and small capitals start on the fourth line from the top, while the accented letters, fractions and other sorts are laid in the top rows. He also says that he has worked with some cases where the figures were also laid in the top rows, although where the common lay is discarded, the figures are often in the lower case. He further says that the lay is the same as Stower's in every particular, except as regards the double letters used in the old-faced types [i.e. the long s ligatures]. In fact, apart from the Luckcombe 1771 differences already mentioned, Stower also swaps § and ¶ whereas the earlier Luckcombe has these in the same place as Gould.

Note that the boxes with A,B, etc are small caps. The ¦ box represents a single dagger, and ¦¦ a double dagger. The empty case configuration is that of Moxon, and Luckombe (1771), Southward (1882), Mackellar (1885), Barnhart Bros & Spindler's News (1890s), Stephenson Blake & Co (1922), Caslon (1925) etc. The companion lower case is the Gould lay.

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