Casse Générale (Comet)

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This French case lay is shown in Audin: Histoire de l'imprimerie par l'image (1929) as being the Casse Générale of J. Comet. It is possibly as featured in L'Intermédiaire des imprimeurs Nov-Dec 1891 and May-Jun 1892 but Audin does not make this clear. The Upper case section has three rows of eight boxes, rather than three rows of seven boxes. Seven of the boxes are subdivided. There are thus 55 boxes in the Upper section, and 113 boxes overall. In contrast, the case shown later by Hostettler in Technical terms of the printing industry (1949) has 114 boxes, but another Casse Générale shown by Audin has 127 boxes.

Comet has J and U in alphabetic order, and W separated out. The m etc. are superiors. In the lay, hell is actually "diable" (the box for odd sorts), fin are "espaces fines", moy are "espaces moyennes" and thicks are "espaces fortes" and quads are "cadrats". The em are "cadratins" and en "demi-cadratins".

The empty case configuration is Comet. The boxes for ; and : should be slightly smaller than those for . and ,.

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