Camberwell California Job Case

£[ ]aeoe( ) j ethnmid '  ?  ! 123 4 567890
&bcdis fgflffABCDEFG
;lmnhoyp,w enem
zvu tthicksarq:quads

This layout is shown on a layout card in the printing department of Camberwell College of Arts until 2001. It is in many respects similar to the English California given by Whetton: Practical Printing & Binding (1946) and also 3rd edition (1965). Note that Camberwell store ffi in the same box as ffl, but Whetton has ffl where Camberwell have £ and keeps the numerals within the central bay and therefore has all the f ligatures in the first column. Unusually, Camberwell put k next to g, but k is one of the letters inherited from the upper case, and nearly every Double Case lay has k in a different position. Spreading the figures all along the top row is also unusual in these lays.

The box construction is similar to one of the common U.S. styles, but that country has a slightly different lay, eg U.S. California Job, in particular with q in the bottom left box where English lays put x, and with ffl and & in the bottom right boxes of the upper case bay, with the AE and OE moved to the top row.

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