La Casse Lyonnaise

  A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H   ABCDEFGH
ÉÈÊÆŒWÇs   ffi    ñ    á    í    ó    ú    ¶    !  
àèìòù)rf flffl¦]§/R/?
»&jmoile ffäëïöüV/ 

This French layout is shown by Audin: Histoire de l'Imprimerie par l'Image, vol 1 (1929). It is not the same as Legros and Grant's French Upper of 1916, as it has 14 more boxes, but both have the same French Lower. Although W is out of alphabetic sequence, as with other French lays, unlike those lays Audin shows U and J in strict alphabetic sequence. Because of the extra boxes, Audin can accommodate more superiors, whereas the slightly earlier case of Muller (1916) manages the superiors by halving the size of some boxes.

The boxes with A,B, etc. are small caps. The a e etc. represent superior characters. The ¦ box represents a single dagger, and R/ and V/ represent Response and Versicle. Unlike Diderot and Lockwood, but like Legros, the ; has moved to the lower case. They all have é and ç in the lower case.

The empty configuration is Castillon's Upper, and having 8 boxes per row either side, is unlike the more common Upper of Moxon (1683), and Diderot (1751), and many others thereafter.

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