Empty Improved Job Case


This U.S. typecase configuration is that of American Typefounders Co. (Central Type Foundry): Blue Book (1895) and is the full-size version of their Two Third (Italic) case. Note that there are two rows of 14 (ie 7+7) cap boxes at the top. Note also the four small boxes at the bottom left, which differs from other versions of the Two Third case. As other full-size Improved Job cases also differ, either in not having the two top rows of boxes, or by having an extra cap bay on the right e.g. BB&S 1893, the illustration shown here may be wrong, and it may simply be the Two Third Italic case. This is bourne out by another copy of the same date Blue Book which does not show a full-size Improved Job Case, and instead shows two identical illustrations of the Chicago Improved Job case, calling one of them a California Job (which it isn't). Also, subsequent editions of ATF Specimens do not show this full-size Improved Job case. This highlights two problems with such sources: that illustrations are sometimes wrong, and that Specimen Books can vary within the same edition.

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