Clapp's Success Case A

Clapps Case

This layout is the Clapp's Success Case A manufactured by F. Wesel Mfg Co. of New York, as illustrated in The Printer and Bookmaker July 1898, published by Howard Lockwood & Co., New York. It was advertised as saving 25 to 30% time with the most used characters nearer to the stick hand, and with no need for a separate upper case. It is one of several re-designs of the traditional double or job case, with some of the boxes altered in size and position, as well as the position of the characters being changed. The upper case bay has 50 boxes (as opposed to 49 or fewer), with P H E larger than the other boxes, and all the characters out of alphabetic order. The lower case bay has 47 boxes (as opposed to 54 or 53) with, for example, the h i and u boxes smaller than usual.

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