Monotype Information

List of literature available from The Monotype Corporation in 1973

Information as listed in Monotype Newsletter 94, June 1973

Copyfitting Tables
List of Mathematical Characters
Book of Information
Special Signs wallet
How and Why Type Faces Differ (broadsheet)
Tom Thumb's Alphabet (broadsheet)
This is a Printing Office (broadsheet)
Ornament Broadsheets
The Arabesque
The Fleuron
The Border
The Victorian Ornament
Type Flowers of the 20th Century
Large-size Alphabets (each containing seven sheets) - the few remaining were:
Univers Medium
Univers Bold
Times New Roman
Perpetua Titling
Monotype Recorder
Type Study Leaflets
Monotype Composition Faces
Monotype Display Faces
Students Type Sheets (16 sheets)
Note that the above relates only to what the Monotype Corporation were listing in 1973. An earlier list shows what was available in 1960, and various other titles are shown in the small collection of material held at the Alembic Press.
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