Monotype Information

Published Monotype Information sheets, etc.

As well as Parts Lists and Manuals, The Alembic Press has a small collection of attachment sheets, tables of information, publicity booklets, teaching aids, etc., produced by The Monotype Corporation over the years, which are listed below. Entires in italics are leaflets relating to Monotype equipment, but not published by Monotype themselves. [Additional bibliographic information will be shown in due course, as time permits.]

Relating to the Composition Caster

Monotype Composition and Type & Rule Casters Symbol Conversion List, 1972
Addendum to Symbol Conversion List, 1972
Monotype Casting Machine Detail Plates (USA) 1939
Casting Good Type (Monotype Corporation)
Casting Good Type (Monotype International)
The Operative and his Composition Mould
Composition Moulds Essential Maintenance, 1960
Composition Moulds Essential Maintenance, rev 1968 (leaflet)
Composition Moulds - note re cleaning (leaflet F748 rev)
Composition Moulds - note re jet blade screw, 1962 (leaflet)
Monotype Composition Caster Essential Bridge Adjustments, rev 1968
Monotype Composition Caster Essential Bridge Adjustments, rev 1969 (leaflet)
Monotype Composition Caster Essential Bridge Adjustments, rev 1974 (leaflet)
Monotype Attachments, Accessories & Moulds (set in Ehrhardt)
Monotype Attachments, Accessories & Moulds (set in Univers)
High Quad Attachment (info sheet 157a), 1961
Special Purpose Attachments and Accessories, 1954
Adjustment of Improved Parts, 1948
Quadding and Centring Attachment, 1941
Quadding and Centring Attachment, 1951
Auxiliary Mould Oiler
Variable Speed Unit - drawings
F.U. Variable Speed Unit Installation Instructions
Funditor wiring diagram
Maintenance Instructions for Funditor Electric Pot (card)
Maintenance Instructions and Spare Parts List for Funditor (card)
Maintenance Instructions and Spare Parts List for Funditor (Funditor) (card)
Nozzle Heater leaflet (Brdr and Andersen)
Monotype Composition Caster Operatives Efficiency Guide (card)
Positions of Display Type Wedges for casting (card)
Position of Display Type Wedges 46S & 47S 2¼-48pt (card)
Position of Display Type Wedges 46S & 47S 2¼-36pt (card)
Justification Wedge Positions for adding complete units (large format card)
Table showing Justification Added by Every Adjustment of Justification Wedges (single sheet)
Instructions for Pump Stroke Counter Attachment, 1952 (drawings)
Varigear Attachment & Lubrication
Average Casting Speeds for the Composition Caster
Adjustments for Justification and Transfer Wedge arms, 1944
Acoustic Hood for Monotype Composition Casters, 1975
Type Alignment Slip Gauge Card - Univers
Table of Alignments, 1971
Type Alignment Gauge table
Fount Schemes Card (+Display Attachment instructions)
Lubrication Chart for the Composition Caster (card)

Relating to the Keyboard and Composition

Monotype Keyboard Manual brochure, c.1966
Monotype Standard & Duplex Keyboards Symbol Conversion List, 1972
A Monotype Keyboard Explanation & Diagrams
Monotype Equivalent Measures
Monotype Type Equivalent Measures
Monotype Type Equivalent Measures (reprint)
Monotype Layout Book for Keyboard/Matrix-Case
Tabular Composition on the Monotype, 1937
Tabular Composition on a Monotype Keyboard
A system for Casting Off copy for composition on Monotype machines, 1948, 16p.
Copyfitting Tables for Monotype and Monophoto faces, 1975, 31p.
Scientific Copyfitting
Scientific Copyfitting for composition on Monotype machines
Setting Mathematics (Monotype Recorder 40.4), 1956
4-line Maths - A New Approach, 1958 (photocopy)
4-line Mathematics Notes 1 and 2
Mathematical Formulae, 1971
Opening of Mathematical Exhibition 1957 - address by A.Phillips
Letter Spacing on the Monotype, n.d. (c1922), 24p.
Table of Set Factors for 12 set to 24 set (single sheet)
Table of Set Factors for 6 set to 12 set (single sheet)
Point Rule Equivalents Table -12pt (card)
Point Rule Equivalents Table -24pt (card)
Pica Equivalents Card 5-13 1em - 26em
Pica Equivalents Card 5-13 27em - 52em
Pica Equivalents Card 13-27
Pica Equivalents Card 13-26
Type Set Sizes Card
A Word on Making your Mark with Monotype (USA) (rules of punctuation)
Unit Adding and Letter Spacing on the Monotype
Lubrication chart for the Keyboard (A4 photocopy)

Relating to the Super caster

Monotype Super Caster Symbol Conversion List
Monotype Super Caster Lubrication Chart (card)
Micrometer Head Settings for Large Comp Matrices (card)
Micrometer Head Settings for Display Matrices (card)
Micrometer Head Settings for Comp Matrices (card)
Table for setting Counter Drum ... for Ciceros (card)
Table for setting Counter Drum ... for 12pt Ems (card)
Table for cutting Strip Material to Ciceros (card)
Table for cutting Strip Material to 12pt Ems (card)
Particulars of Moulds and Matrix Holders (card)
Didot Rule Equivalents (card)
Product Information Table - Super Caster (card)
Standard Fount Schemes - Super Caster
Change Speed Table (card)
Product Information Table Lead & Rule, and Type Moulds (card)
For Display Matrices - Width in points ... (large format card)

Type Specimens

Monotype Specimen Book of Faces U.S.A., 1920
Monotype Printing Types (vol 1,2), 1952-72
Monotype Printing Types (vol 1,2), 1937-60
Monotype Composition Faces, 1972, 48p.
Monotype Display Faces, rev 1976, 24p.
Monotype Display Faces, n.d. (pre 1960), 18p.
Specimen Book of Monotype Non-Latin Faces, 1977
Monotype Special Sorts, 1947 (looseleaf)
Monotype Special Sorts 1931 (Monotype Special Signs)
Index to classified list of Monotype Special Matrices, 1963. (Set of 43 leaflets)
Monotype Index, 1994 (digital fonts)
Monotype Type Index, 1993 (digital fonts)
Monotype Type Index, 1992 (digital fonts)
Monotype Rules and Borders, 1958-72
Monotype Rules and Borders, 1937-60
Monotype Rules, Borders, Figures, 1973
Specimen of Monotype Rules
Printers Ornaments on the Monotype, 1928
Monotype Mathematical Sorts List, 1956
4-line Maths - Classified List of Characters, 1966
4-line Maths - Classified List of Characters, 1967
List of Mathematical Characters - 4-line Maths, 1967
Specimen of Monotype Times New Roman, n.d. (broadsheet)
Monotype Gill Sans Alphabet Study Sheet, n.d. (single sheet)
L.N.E.R. Gill Sans Serif specimen (inset for Monotype recorder)
200,000 Monotype Display Faces (leaflet for loan library)
Type Card Bembo 270 6-72pt
Type Card Bembo 270 14-72pt
Type Card Caslon 128 8-20pt
Type Card Caslon 128 42-48pt
Type Card Times 327 4-14pt
Type Card Rockwell 371 6-14pt
Type Card Plantin 110 6-14pt
Type Card Plantin Light 113 6-12pt
Type Card Univers Extra Bold Expanded 695 6-22pt
Type Card Univers Bold 693 5-12pt
Type Card Univers Medium 689 5-28pt
Type Card Univers Medium 689 5-12pt
Type Card Univers Medium Condensed 690 5-28pt
Type Card Baskerville 169 6-72pt
Type Card Baskerville Bold 312 6-18pt
Type Card Baskerville Bold 60-72pt
Type Card Gill Sans Bold 275 5-14pt
Type Card Bodoni Bold 260 6-14pt
Type Card Perpetua 239 5-72pt
Type Card Garamond 156 6-14pt
Type Card Garamond Bold 201 6-14pt
Type Card Grotesque Bold 216 5-24pt
Type Card Grotesque 215 5-18pt
Type Card Grotesque Light 126 5-14pt
Type Card Old English 456 8-30pt
Type Card Spectrum 556 6-24pt
Type Card Spectrum 556 60pt
Composition Reference Sheets: Univers Medium and Extra Bold
Composition Reference Sheets: Century Schoolbook
Ornament Broadsheets (set of 5)


Monotype Book of Information, 1950, 100p.
>Monotype Book of Information, New enlgd ed. 159p.
Monotype Book of Information, 1970, 186p.
Lubricants approved for Monotype Machines
Programming Notes for Monotype Composing Machines
Marvels of Modern Punch-cutting (leaflet) (+Lord's prayer type)
Monotype Machines in the Making (3 different editions, n.d.)
Monotype Composing Machines, 1979
Monotype Composing Machines, 1970, 16p.
Monotype machine siting chart, 1969
Monotype Machines, 1947
The Monotype (U.S.A.), 1937 (Book Fair Keepsake)
Aspects of Monotype (U.S.A.), 1996 (ATF keepsake)
The Monotype System (U.S.A.), 2nd ed. 1916
The Monotype Described 1930
The Monotype Described (cover missing, based on 15x15 layouts)
Monotype Success (U.S.A., 1910. Hopkins 1984 reprint + update)
A Demon Machine (U.S.A. Duensing)
Talbot Lanston and the Monotype (University of Tampa Press) 2012, 214p.
Monotype 96-unit Copyfitting System (for phototypesetters)
Passport to Success (Monophoto)
After Filmsetting - Make-up
Make-up and Correction of Filmset Matter (2 different editions, n.d.)
Monotype Typographic and Technical Publications
Pocket Picture Book of Monotype Machines
Make-up & Correction of Filmset Matter ... 2 different editions
Making Sure, n.d. (c1956), 6p. (publicity leaflet for the two films Monotype Machines in the Making and Type Faces in the Making)
Students' Type Study Leaflets, n.d. (card cover containing four 4p. leaflets: Letter Forms, Proportions, The Metal Type, Planning a Printed Job)
Monotype Type Study Leaflets 1974 (set of 4: Typographic Dimensions, Monotype Composing Machines, Composition Rules, Interlinear Spacing
Leaflet for Students of Typography - A Printing Type (inc Emerson 320 and typo)
Leaflet for Students of Typography - A Printing Type (inc Goudy Modern 249)
What's That Typeface?
Alphabets for Students of Typography
Printing Metals (Fry's Metals) 1959
Printing Metals (Fry's Metals) 1966
Printing Metals (Fry's Metals) 1972
Efficient Remelting (Fry's Metals) n.d.
Efficient Remelting (Fry's Metal Foundries) n.d.
Fry's Printing Metals (Fry's Metals) leaflet
Use of Lead in the Printing Industry (PIJC for H&S) (leaflet)
Printing Metals - Their Production, Nature and Use (Plus Metals) 1963
Heating of Typecasting Machine Metal Pots (BFMP) 1956
Furnaces (Lees Hall) (leaflet)
Type Metal Alloys (U.S.A. Imperial Type Metal Co) 1927
Type Metals, Their Characteristics and Performance (U.S.A. Imperial Metal) 1958
Standardisation of Type-metal Specifications (Platt Metals) n.d.
Efficient Remelting with the 500lb Fryotype Pot (Fry's Metals) (leaflet)

Journals and Bulletins

The Monotype Recorder (various issues between 1922 and 1997)
Monotype Newsletter Nos 58, 60-94 (with a few gaps)
Monotype Technical Bulletin Nos 6-73
Monotype Bulletin Nos 74-88
Monotype Newsletter (Continental Edition) Nos 104-118

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