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The Alembic Press has a small collection of Manuals for various Monotype machines, and these will be listed below, as soon as the data has been loaded into this page. Meanwhile, an abbreviated list is:

Composition and Type & Rule Caster

Composition Caster Manual (vol 1 & 2), 1970
Monotype Casting Machine Manual, 4th imp 1966
Monotype Casting Machine Manual, 1952
Monotype Display Machine Instruction Book, 1949
Monotype Caster Instruction Book, 1935 (inc 1 30a insert)
Casting Machine Adjustment (U.S.A.), 1930
Monotype Caster Instruction Book, 1928
Monotype Caster Instruction Book, 1920


Monotype Keyboard Manual, reprinted 1974
Monotype Keyboard Manual, 1966
A Monotype Keyboard Explanation & Diagrams, n.d.
Monotype Keyboard Operator's Manual, 1952
Mechanism of the Monotype Keyboard (U.S.A.), 1949
Mechanism of Monotype Keyboard, n.d.
Monotype D Keyboard, 1919
Operating the Monotype Keyboard, 1914

Super Caster

Monotype Super Caster Manual, 1972
Monotype Super Caster Product Changeover Procedure, n.d.
Monotype Super Caster Product Changeover Procedure, 1955
Monotype Super Caster Manual, 1953


Monophoto 400 Filmsetter - provisional instructions, 1973

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