Monotype Super Caster Spares

The list below is of the recommended spares for Monotype Super casters as compiled by the Monotype Corporation Service Department and published in the Monotype Bulletin 87 October 1972, the list being of those parts that the user was advised to have on his premises, for the operator to fit as necessary. The Monotype Corporation introduced a new classification of part numbers in April 1972, and these are thus shown here. The Bulletin does not show the earlier symbol number for the part, but these have been added below, taken from the published Monotype Super Caster Symbol Conversion List, if listed there.

QtySymbolPart No.Part
119SB2SBAU 2938Safety Rod Lever Spring
1 SBBF 19858Speed Indicator Belt
1a26SC12SCBB 11380Plunger (Type Carrier Cam Lever)
1a26SC20SCBB 8055Type Carrier Cam Lever Plunger Spring
12SD1SDAB 2935Actuating Pawl Spring
1 SCAQ 2937Detent Spring
1 SCAV 42191Matrix Lifter Wedge Spring Box Yoke Pin
122SD2SDAX 2936Stop Lever Spring
1a2SE1SEAB 8939Centring Pin
1a24SE7SEAZ 11388Type Carier Yoke Pin
1 SEAZ 7338Type Carier Yoke Pin (prior to m/c 70264)
224SE8SEAZ 761Type Carier Yoke Pin Split Pins
132SEESEBH 8621Type Clamp
232SE2SEBH 2902Type Clamp Springs
136SE4ESEBM 11249Ball Stud, Type Pusher Cam Lever
137SESEBN 7268Type Support Spring
1b5SF4SFAE 9247Mould Blade Slide Drive Lever Plunger
1b5SF11SFAE 8037Mould Blade Slide Drive Lever Plunger Spring
15SF20SFAE 1340Plunger Lever Fulcrum Pin Spring
16SF1FSFAF 10260Ball End to Mould Blade Slide Lever
1c12SHSHAM 17764No.16 Nozzle
112SH2SHAM 7603No.4 Nozzle
112SH3SHAM 7604No.5 Nozzle
112SH4SHAM 8609No.6 Nozzle
112SH5SHAM 8727No.8 Nozzle
112SH7SHAM 8608No.7 Nozzle
112SH11SHAM 9980No.10 Nozzle
112SH13SHAM 14731No.11 Nozzle
1c13SH1SHAN 16746Piston Loose End, ⅞'' (composition)
1d13SH1SHAN 16747Piston Loose End, ⅞'' (display)
1j13SH2SHAN 16752Piston Screw End (composition)
1k13SH2SHAN 16753Piston Screw End (display)
113SH3SHAN 6982Piston End Nuts
1c13SH8SHAN 16749Piston End Washers
1b14SH1SHAP 16748Piston Loose End, 1¼''
1d14SH2SHAP 16754Piston End Screw
114SH3SHAP 7730Piston End Nuts
1b14SH8SHAP 16751Piston End Washers
2a15SH1SHAQ 17750Trunnion Blocks
1Xb19SHSHAU 901197Pump Body and Piston, ⅞''
1a19SH12SHAU 17619Pump Body Plug (bottom)
119SH13SHAU 1680Hat Valve
1Xa20SHSHAV 901917Pump Body and Piston, 1¼''
2a21SH1SHAW 17750Trunnion Blocks (prior to m/c 72560)
2 SHAW 43367Trunnion Blocks
122SH1SHAX 2094Locating Pin for Pump Body Bearing
122SH2SHAX 1011Locating Pin Nut
129SH12SHBE 7228Release Plunger
129SH14SHBE 8058Release Plunger Spring
132SH1SHBH 13908Melting Pot Adjusting Screw (long)
232SH2SHBH 13909Melting Pot Adjusting Screws (short)
1 *SHCK 14192-10Element, Rototherm, large pot, specify voltage
1 *SHCK 14193-7Element, Rototherm, medium pot, specify voltage
1e58SH10assd*SHCK 16871Element, Funditor, large pot, specify voltage
1 *SHCK 16870-5Element, Funditor, medium pot, specify voltage
1 *SHCK 19133Element, Rototherm, large pot, 200-220v, (Canada)
1c58SH10assd*SHCK 14192Element, Rototherm, large pot, 200-220v, (USA)
112SL6SLAM 8425Pin Handle
3b17SL1SLAS 13472Mould Screws
1b23SL2SLAY 13473Adaptor Base Mould Screw
1b23SL3SLAY 13474Adaptor Base Mould Screw
125SLSLBA 2719Low Quad Lever Spring
125SL7SLBA 8432Low Quad Lever Spring Plate (long)
125SL8SLBA 8433Low Quad Lever Spring Plate (short)
136SL23SLBM 19478*Driving Belt (m/cs with Varigear V Belt)
1c37SLSLBN 16835*Driving Belt, Leather (m/cs prior to 71592)
1f37SLSLBN 17229*Driving Belt (m/cs 71593 & on prior to Varigear)
1 SLBN 43168*Driving Belt (m/cs with Varigear)
1 SLBN 42117*Driving Belt (for use with FU Variable Speed Unit)
   *to suit machine

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