Monotype Non-Latin Faces

The following table lists all the Non-Latin faces issued by the Monotype Corporation in the U.K., as far as has been possible to establish. The point sizes and set widths are shown, where a Specimen Sheet of the face has been consulted. The date of issue of the Sheet is shown in the Date column, and shown as n.d. if no date was given on the Sheet. Faces where no Specimen Sheet has yet been encountered are also listed, but with no point or set sizes shown. One or two Sheets were amended (in red) to show an additional size was available, but the set widths were not given. These are shown as ?. The set widths relate to composition sizes of matrix, display sizes record the individual set width on each matrix, rather than a set for the fount, and these are shown as †. Note that no Non-Latin faces appear to have been issued in 5pt, 7pt, 8pt, 9pt, 10pt, 13pt, 22pt, 28pt or 54pt. Didot sizes are shown as e.g. 6D. and usually cast on the next point size up (unless a Didot mould was available).

SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
11Grotesque Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.11Grotesque Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)
17Cushing (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located17Cushing (Cyrillic)
27Neo Didot (Russian)910½12½5-6127Neo Didot (Russian)
33Grotesque Condensed (Russian)11½5-6133Grotesque Condensed (Russian)
39Modern Condensed (Russian)811½4-6139Modern Condensed (Russian)
42Albion (Russian)910½12½6-6142Albion (Russian)
44French Round Face (Russian)11134-6144French Round Face (Russian)
51Grotesque (Russian)11½15½5-6151Grotesque (Russian)
Albion (Russian)11½5-6163Albion (Russian)
68French Old Style (Russian)10¼12¼5-6168French Old Style (Russian)
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
69French Old Style Bold (Russian)10¼12¼5-6169French Old Style Bold (Russian)
70Albion (Russian)11135-6170Albion (Russian)
75Modern Wide (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.75Modern Wide (Cyrillic)
77Modern Extended (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.77Modern Extended (Cyrillic)
90Greek: Upright8910½12½4-7190Greek: Upright
91Greek: Inclined910½12½2-6691Greek: Inclined
92Greek: Bold Upright910½12½4-6292Greek: Bold Upright
96Gothic (Russian)Withdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.96Gothic (Russian)
97Grotesque Bold (Cyrillic)Withdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.97Grotesque Bold (Cyrillic)
106Greek: Porson810½123-69106Greek: Porson
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
113Plantin Light (Russian)71011¾5-61113Plantin Light (Russian)
120Bodoni Ultra Bold (Cyrillic)7-64120Bodoni Ultra Bold (Cyrillic)
166Grotesque Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)5-65166Grotesque Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)
169Baskerville (Russian)910¾5-61169Baskerville (Russian)
192Greek: New Hellenic10½123-69192Greek: New Hellenic
194Plantin Bold (Russian)711¾5-61194Plantin Bold (Russian)
201Garamond Bold (Cyrillic)6-65201Garamond Bold (Cyrillic)
217Hebrew: Peninim Pointed5711-72217Hebrew: Peninim Pointed
218Hebrew: Sonzino103-63218Hebrew: Sonzino
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
219Hebrew: Ashurithn.d.219Hebrew: Ashurith
220Hebrew: Peninim57-75220Hebrew: Peninim
221Hebrew: Levênim4-77221Hebrew: Levênim
228Hebrew: Rabbinic74-77228Hebrew: Rabbinic
233Gill Sans Cameo (Cyrillic)4-65233Gill Sans Cameo (Cyrillic)
259Greek: Antigone5-68259Greek: Antigone
260Bodoni Bold (Cyrillic)9-64260Bodoni Bold (Cyrillic)
262Gill Sans (Cyrillic)8910¼11¼1-61262Gill Sans (Cyrillic)
275Gill Sans Bold (Cyrillic)8910¼11¼1-61275Gill Sans Bold (Cyrillic)
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
283Greek: PerpetuaWithdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.283Greek: Perpetua
327Times New Roman (Cyrillic)91210-60327Times New Roman (Cyrillic)
334Times Bold (Cyrillic)91210-60334Times Bold (Cyrillic)
340Tamil Bold12151-66340Tamil Bold
346Devanagari Bold910½1210-75346Devanagari Bold
362Gill Sans Light (Cyrillic)811¼1-61362Gill Sans Light (Cyrillic)
370Bembo Titling (Cyrillic)5-65370Bembo Titling (Cyrillic)
373Gill Sans Bold Condensed Titling (Cyrillic)5-65373Gill Sans Bold Condensed Titling (Cyrillic)
383Grotesque Condensed (Russian)56785-61383Grotesque Condensed (Russian)
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
404Greek: Porson CondensedWithdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.404Greek: Porson Condensed
472Greek: Inclined10½12-70472Greek: Inclined
473GreekWithdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.473Greek
485Gill Sans Condensed (Cyrillic)5-65485Gill Sans Condensed (Cyrillic)
486Greek: Sans Serif82-69486Greek: Sans Serif
487Hebrew: GillWithdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.487Hebrew: Gill
488Hebrew: Mayer PointedListed 11-70 in Specimen Book, but Specimen Sheet missing and copy not yet located.488Hebrew: Mayer Pointed
489Hebrew: PeninimListed 11-70 in Specimen Book, but Specimen Sheet missing and copy not yet located.489Hebrew: Peninim
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
492Hebrew: MayerListed 11-70 in Specimen Book, but Specimen Sheet missing and copy not yet located.492Hebrew: Mayer
506Placard Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)11-68506Placard Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)
515Placard Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)11-68515Placard Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)
518Gujerathi Bold910½3-71518Gujerathi Bold
522Placard Condensed Titling (Cyrillic)4-65522Placard Condensed Titling (Cyrillic)
529Bodoni Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)7-64529Bodoni Bold Condensed (Cyrillic)
539Georgian LightListed 11-70 in Specimen Book, but Specimen Sheet missing and copy not yet located.539Georgian Light
540Georgian BoldListed 11-70 in Specimen Book, but Specimen Sheet missing and copy not yet located.540Georgian Bold
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
547Hebrew: Schocken No.1Withdrawn in 1974. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.547Hebrew: Schocken No.1
549Arabic Naskh11½11½11½13¼16½5-72549Arabic Naskh
550Hebrew: Schocken No.2Withdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.550Hebrew: Schocken No.2
551Hebrew: Schocken No.3Withdrawn in 1967. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.551Hebrew: Schocken No.3
553Greek: Old Style Bold Inclined10½2-69553Greek: Old Style Bold Inclined
558Burmese Light910½1212¾5-64558Burmese Light
559Arabic Solloss11-63559Arabic Solloss
564Syriac 'Estrangelo'10¾12-65564Syriac 'Estrangelo'
565Greek: Times Upright910½125-74565Greek: Times Upright
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
566Greek: Times Inclined910½125-74566Greek: Times Inclined
567Greek: Times Bold Upright1210-67567Greek: Times Bold Upright
568Placard Condensed (Cyrillic)6-65568Placard Condensed (Cyrillic)
571Greek: Gill Sans Inclined810¼11¼1-60571Greek: Gill Sans Inclined
572Greek: Gill Sans Upright810¼11¼1-60572Greek: Gill Sans Upright
578Burmese Bold910½1212¾5-64578Burmese Bold
580Tamil Medium1112½13½14¾8-70580Tamil Medium
585Greek: Gill Sans Condensed9-64585Greek: Gill Sans Condensed
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
589Arabic Naskh Accented13¼16½3-73589Arabic Naskh Accented
597Old Bulgarian11¾5-65597Old Bulgarian
598Glagolitic11¾ 5-65598Glagolitic
601Gurmukhi Bold?910½12 4-63601Gurmukhi Bold
604Gurmukhi?910½12 4-63604Gurmukhi
605Greek: Placard Light Extra Condensed9-64605Greek: Placard Light Extra Condensed
608Thai Light?11½12¾4-63608Thai Light
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
609Louvain CopticListed 11-70 in Specimen Book, but Specimen Sheet missing and copy not yet located.609Louvain Coptic
611Thai Bold9?1213½4-63611Thai Bold
621Thai Medium910¼4-71621Thai Medium
625Greek: Gill Sans Bold Upright810¼11¼1-60625Greek: Gill Sans Bold Upright
626Telugu Medium1214163-71626Telugu Medium
628Thai Light Italic11½12¾2-63628Thai Light Italic
649Arabic Naskh Bold?11½11½11½13¼16½7-69649Arabic Naskh Bold
657Sinhalese Bold11131-64657Sinhalese Bold
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
667Greek: Times Bold Inclined1210-67667Greek: Times Bold Inclined
668Greek: Placard Condensed Upright7-64668Greek: Placard Condensed Upright
672Greek: Gill Sans Light Upright811¼9-64672Greek: Gill Sans Light Upright
683Greek: Grotesque Condensed Upright7-64683Greek: Grotesque Condensed Upright
698Sinhalese Italic1111-67699698Sinhalese Italic
Sinhalese Bold Italic1111-67699Sinhalese Bold Italic
701Bengali Bold910½11-67701Bengali Bold
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
707Urdu Bold10¼1314¾175-73707Urdu Bold
708Tamil Medium1112½13½14¾174-74708Tamil Medium
718Greek: Grotesque Condensed Upright7-64718Greek: Grotesque Condensed Upright
726Telugu Bold3-71726Telugu Bold
739Greek: Spartan Light Upright7116-65739Greek: Spartan Light Upright
740Greek: Spartan Upright7116-65740Greek: Spartan Upright
741Greek: Spartan Bold Upright7126-65741Greek: Spartan Bold Upright
742Vijapure DevanagariReleased in 1972. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.742Vijapure Devanagari
SeriesName66D788D99D1010D111212D131414D1616D1818D2020D2424D28D3030D3636D4242D4848D54D6060D72Date of sheetSeriesName
743Vijapure Devanagari BoldReleased in 1972. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.743Vijapure Devanagari Bold
755Devanagari Italic910½124-71755Devanagari Italic
787Kannada Semi-Bold11½9-69787Kannada Semi-Bold
788Kannada Bold11½9-69788Kannada Bold
885Greek: SpecialNo information, but exists in 7D. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.885Greek: Special
889Greek: Univers Medium Upright11¼137-72889Greek: Univers Medium Upright
893Greek: Univers Bold Upright11¼137-72893Greek: Univers Bold Upright
897Greek: SpecialNo information, but exists in 7D. Copy of Specimen Sheet not yet located.897Greek: Special
989Greek: Univers Medium Inclined11¼137-72989Greek: Univers Medium Inclined

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