Monotype Keyboard Spares

The list below is of the recommended spares for Monotype standard and Duplex keyboards as compiled by the Monotype Corporation Service Department and published in the Monotype Bulletin 85 December 1971, the list being of those parts that the user was advised to have on his premises, for the operator to fit as necessary.

QtyPart No.Part
112KB1Justifying Scale Gear
1Xd13KBJustifying Scale Pinion Group
1b15KB1Justifying Scale Pointer Detent Pawl
215KB3Justifying Scale Pointer Detent Pawl Spring
1a16KB1KJustifying Scale Pointer Lifting Pawl
216KB3Justifying Scale Pointer Lifting Pawl Spring
1d26KB1Unit Rack
1e27KB1Unit Rack Abutment
1a27KB14Unit Rack Abutment Detent
1a29KB3Unit Rack Slide Shoe
2a29KB4Unit Rack Slide Shoe Rivet
1Xb35KBUnit Wheel
437KB3Leather Washer
1Xc38KBUnit Wheel Pawl Group
1X74KBUnit Rack Lever Spring
24a2KC4Split Pin
24KC1Paper Feed Piston Link
1X5KCPaper Feed Pawl
1Xa6KCPaper Feed Pawl
26KC3Paper Feed Pawl Spring
1X7KCPaper Feed Pawl
27KC2Paper Feed Pawl Spring
19KC1Paper Feed Rod
29KC6Paper Feed Rod Washer
110KC2KPaper Feed Valve Lever
1a11KC4Paper Feed Valve Bracket Stud (Link Lever)
111KC7Paper Feed Valve Bracket Stud (Valve Lever)
1c13KC1Paper Feed Wheels Group
118KC16KPaper Wind Shaft
118KC19Paper Wind Shaft Spring Post
122KC2Paper Wind Ratchet Spring
1Xa23KCPaper Wind Ratchet Detent Group
223KC2Paper Wind Ratchet Detent Spring
1Xa24KCPaper Wind Ratchet Pawl Group
224KC2Paper Wind Ratchet Pawl Spring
2a24KC4Paper Wind Ratchet Pawl Spring (short)
1d31KC18Stop Bar Upper
1032KC1Punch Regular
232KC2Punch Justifying
2a33KC1Punch Bar
2a33KC2Punch Bar
2a33KC3Punch Bar
236KC5Lever Bell Crank Spring

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