Monotype Composition Caster Spares

The list below is of the recommended spares for Monotype composition casters as compiled by the Monotype Corporation Service Department and published in the Monotype Bulletin 86 May 1972, the list being of those parts that the user was advised to have on his premises, for the operator to fit as necessary. The Monotype Corporation introduced a new classification of part numbers in April 1972, and these are thus shown here, as well as the earlier symbol number for the part.

QtySymbolPart No.Part
1n5ACAAE 14212Centring Pin
1v9AACAAJ 19213Sliding Frame (15x17 Unit Shift machines)
1w9AACAAJ 19265Sliding Frame (16x17 Unit Shift machines)
1d9A1CAAJ 12187Draw Rod (prior to Unit Shift)
1f9A1CAAJ 19216Draw Rod (Unit Shift)
1b29A8CABF 12649Character Lever Spring
1g12BCBAM 13355Matrix Jaw Stop Rack (front)
1a20B10CBAV 2360-1Yoke Bush
121B1BCBAW 8862Yoke Carrier End
221B7CBAW 3461Yoke Pin, Lever End
1d26BCBBB 3039Type Clamp
1a26B2CBBB 2779Type Clamp Spring
2a27B1CBBC 30Screws for Type Clamp Shoe
1b31BCBBG 3042Type Support Spring
1f31B1BCBBG 2655Type Support Spring
1a31B6CBBG 2780Type Support Spring Bar Spring
1j5CCCCAE 15624Cross Slide
1b5C1CCAE 3110Draw Rod (rear)
1h12CCCAM 13360Matrix Jaw Stop Rack (rear)
1c14C1CCAP 8371Mould Blade Abutment Screw
1a14C5CCAP 14108Mould Blade Abutment Anvil Plunger
1b14C10CCAP 12378Mould Blade Abutment Screw Lock Spring
12a14C11CCAP 857Mould Blade Abutment Screw Pin
1a14C3CCAP 1878Mould Blade Abutment Slide Anvil
112DCDAM 3273Justification Wedge Centring Tooth
1xc15DCDAQ 16536Justification Wedge Lever Arm
1a15D3CDAQ 16539Justification Wedge Lever Arm Rod
1b21E1CEAZ 10119Ball Stud
1a26E1CEBE 2400Ball Extension
1a26E29CEBE 12926Ball Plug Pad
2c50ECECE 13470Mould Screw (long)
1b51ECECF 13471Mould Screw (short)
156E3CECL 2103Pin Jaw Tong Adjusting Stud
257E8CECM 987Guide Rod Spring Plate Rivet
158E2CECN 2362-1Pin (for Spring Guide Eye) Jaw Tong Spring
162E1CECS 2364Pin Jaw Tong Spring Link Plate
162E2CECS 2364Pin Jaw Tong Spring Link Plate
1c39F1CFBQ 12449Rule Guide Pin
12a39F2CFBQ 902Rule Guide Pin Rivet
1a50F2CFCB 1887Adjustable Type Channel Block Clamp Latch
1a2G2CGAB 24527-1Air Bar Packing (fitted only at workshops)
36G2CGAF 9316Pipe Connection Washer
2g14HCHAP 43392Nozzle No.24
2c14HCHAP 17764Nozzle No.16
1g17H10CHAS 16746Piston Stem End
1w17H11CHAS 16752Piston Stem End Screw
1a17H13CHAS 6982Piston Stem End Screw Lock Nut
1e17H14CHAS 16749Piston Stem End Screw Washer
4d24H1CHAZ 43367Pump Body Lever Block
1xg23HCHAY 901197Pump Body and Piston (complete)
125H13CHBA 16253Pump Body Lifting Lever Stand Bush
125H14CHBA 16257Pump Body Lifting Lever Bush (in halves)
1a26H3CHBB 2094Pump Body Lifting Lever Nozzle End Pin
1a26H4CHBB 1011Pump Body Lifting Lever Nozzle End Pin Nut
242H19CHBT 16274Water Escape Valve Diaphragm
For machines with Unit Shift only
19A10CAAJ 19217Draw Rod Spring
19B12CBAJ 2963Retaining Plate Spring
1a44B1BCBBU 43110Draw Rod Operating Piston Seating Ring
144B2CBBU 19382Draw Rod Operating Piston
144B5CBBU 8028Draw Rod Operating Piston Spring
1d23CT12CTBJ 16833for Jockey Pulley 6' 5''
1e25CT38CTBN 16834for Swinging Motor Base 6' 6''
1f25CT38CTBL 19384Varigear Flat Belt 6' 9'' x 1''
1g25CT38CTBH 42117Varigear on machines 29180 and over
125CT91CTBL 19478Varigear Internal Belt (V)
For Funditor heaters
1d53H10CHCE 16870Funditor medium pot (assembled)
1e53H10CHCE 16871Funditor large pot (assembled)
153H3CHCE 13045Operating Cylinder and Mercury Expansion Element (old style)
1f53H3CHCE 42500Operating Cylinder and Mercury Expansion Element (new style)
1a53H61CHCE 42499Temperature Regulator Microswitch
For Rotortherm heaters
1a53h10CHCE 14193Rototherm medium pot (assembled)
1c53H10CHCE 14192Rototherm large pot (assembled)
1d53H3CHCE 19514Bourdon Tube and Mercury Expansion Element (old style)
1e53H3CHCE 43453Bourdon Tube and Mercury Expansion Element
with Temperature Regulator Scale (new style)
653H62CHCE 42182Thermistors

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