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Monotype Unit Arrangement C

This table shows the unit width allocated to each character in a fount. One unit corresponds to 1/18 of the set width of the face. This arrangement is the U.S. standard Book based on the layout shown for example in A Composition Manual (PIA 1953) by Polk and Gage. It caters for 5 alphabets in a 15x15 matrix case arrangement, and is used by a large number of type faces.

Unit Arrangement C - Standard Book 5A (15x15)
 roms.c.ital  romital  romital  romital
A131014 a99 fi1010 $99
B131013 b108 ff1111 £12 
C13912 c87 fl1010 0-999
D151014 d109 ffi1514 ¼18 
E131013 e87 ffl1514 ½18 
F12912 f66 .5  ¾18 
G141012 g98 ,5  %18 
H151115 h109 -6  °7 
I869 i56 '75 ´5 
J9711 j66 '75 lb15 
K151115 k109 ;66    
L12912 l55 :66    
M181218 m1514 (7     
N151115 n1010 )7     
O131012 o98 [5     
P12913 p1010 [5     
Q131012 q108 ?88    
R141013 r77 !66    
S10811 s77 *8     
T13913 t75 8     
U141115 u1010 8     
V131014 v107 12     
W181418 w1312 |5     
X151115 x99 -18     
Y141014 y109 -9     
Z11812 z87 . .18     
AE181418 ae1211 .10     
OE181418 oe1411 .9     
&131115      are single and double daggers

[The above table will print out on one sheet of A4, with the text below being on a second sheet, which can be discarded.]

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