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Oils for Monotype Equipment

This information is taken from various Monotype publications, and from user's experience.

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oil can    Many of the oils named may no longer be available, but are listed here in case modern equivalents can be found.

Composition Caster

Machine, Cam Bath:
Mobil Vectra Heavy Medium or Compound AA Oil
B.P. Energol TH-100 HB
Gulf Harmony 53
Duckham Garnet 6
Shell Vitrea 31
Castrol Hyspin 100 or AWS68 (is available in 25 litres)
Esso Nuto H54
Varigear Gear Oil:
Shell Vitrea 79
Castrol Alpha 817 or Alpha SP460 (is available in 25 litres)
Duckham Galrex 10
Esso Teresso 140
Mobil 600W Super Cyl Oil
B.P. Energol CS550
Varigear Grease:
Shell Alvania 3 or Alvania RA
Castrol Spheerol AP3 or Castrol MP3 (available in packs of 12)
Duckham Admax L3
Esso Beacon 3
Mobil Mobilux 3
B.P. Energrease LS3
F.U. Variable Speed Unit:
Castrol Hyspin 70 or AWS32
Mobil DTE Oil Light
Shell Tellus 27
Texaco Rando HDA
Jaw Tongs Spring Box Grease
as Varigear Grease above

Super Caster

same as Composition Caster above
Gear Box and Cam Bath:
Castrol Cresta SHS
Duckham Q2280 Oil (Gear Oil N
Shell Nassa J85 (Oil BE4)
B.P. Energol DC1200
Mobil Extra Hecla Super Cyl Oil (Mineral)
Gulf Security 206 or Endurance 217
Esso Cylesso 220


Castrol Hyspin 40 or AWS10
Shell Tellus 15
Gulf Hydrasil 35
Duckham Q5578 Keyboard Oil
B.P. Energol HL40
Mobil Velocite No.6
Esso Nuto H36


Composition and Display Moulds
(not High Speed Moulds series 300,000)
Duckham Q2280 Oil
Gulf Security 205
Mobil Extra Hecla Super Cyl Oil (Mineral)
Esso Cylesso 220
B.P. Energol DC1200
Monotype Mould Oil (available in 5 litre cans)
Lead & Rule Mould
(and High Speed Moulds)
Monotype Mould Oil No.1
Good quality Castor Oil


High grade mineral oils to SAE20 for cooler environments but SAE40 for warmer environments
Castrol Perfecto WW
Gulf Seneca 75
Shell Talpa 40
Duckham Galrex 8
Mobil DTE Oil BB
B.P. Energol CS300
Esso Esstic 78
Wakefield-Dick Deusol D

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