Otakou Press California Job Case

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xvu    t    spaces    a        r    :;2&3em

This New Zealand lay is that in use at the Otakou Press in the University of Otago Library, Dunedin, February 2017 for many of their cases. The lay follows the normal U.S. pattern for the figures 1 to 8 and the common letters, but for example, unlike U.S. lays, ffl is not in the bottom right hand corner box, nor is ffi in the top left box, and 9 is below 7, whereas the U.S put ff there. Interestingly, there is one Otakou Job case that is unusual in the positioning of w p q and l, but that case came from a different source. See some of the many variations in California Job case lays in Australia and New Zealand.

The cases all measure 16½ inches front to back (the normal U.|S. size) but vary slightly in side to side dimension, being 321/8, 323/16, or 321/4 inches. The empty configuration is shown as California Job by Whetton in 1946 with the : ; boxes the same size as the . - boxes, but there is an alternative style with the : and ; boxes smaller than the x and q boxes e.g. Henry of 1917.

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This page was written in 2017 by David Bolton and last updated 13 February 2017.