Otakou Press Job Case

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This New Zealand lay is that of one case used for 12pt Gill Italic at the Otakou Press in the University of Otago Library, Dunedin, February 2017. The lay is unusual in the positioning of w p q and l, although a case on the New Zealand Printing Museum website also has w in the same position. Somewhat similar variants, although not a California Job case as such, are New Norcia who put y above the i box, and Glasgow School of Art who put g there, and the B.P.S. who put v there. U.S. lays start 1 and 2 above the i box, and nearly all other lays put spacing there. The Otakou case also swaps k and j, and swaps : and ; compared with other layouts, and has ffi and ffl in the bottom row of the caps. The more normal Otakou case is Otago California Job, with figures following the U.S. pattern.

The empty configuration is shown as California Job by Whetton in 1946 with the : ; boxes the same size as the . - boxes, but there is an alternative style with the : and ; boxes smaller than the x and q boxes e.g. Henry of 1917.

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This page was written in 2017 by David Bolton and last updated 12 February 2017.