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Letterpress is still alive in the United Kingdom. There are still commercial printers using letterpress, especially for labels and numbered forms, etc. There are still some universities and colleges with letterpress equipment for student use. There are still private and fine presses producing books by letterpress. There are still many small 'hobby' printers with letterpress equipment, and interest in letterpress is slowly reviving as people realise the pleasure that can be derived from the physical placement of type and its subsequent impression onto paper.....

The purpose of this site is to provide some information about letterpress activity in the United Kingdom. There has already been an awakening in North America, with several Centers for the Book as well as many Book Arts courses in colleges and universities, but this is less advanced in the U.K. and mainland Europe. Sadly, also, the number of suppliers of type is dwindling, as the typefounders retire and few people come forward to replace them, but as you will see below, new type is still available.

This website is supported by the Oxford Guild of Printers. The list does not try to be definitive, and also is deliberately small-scale for ease of loading and viewing, and so is only a limited selection of what is available in the United Kingdom. Please send any comments, corrections, suggestions for inclusion, etc to alembicpress@googlemail.com

Letterpress equipment and supplies in the U.K.

PressesPaper, inks, etcType and typesettingRollersBlocks and platesBookbindingMonotype Linotype, Ludlow, etcPrinters' Removals Note that eg The British Printing Society's Small Printer, and website carries advertisements, and classified ads for letterpress. The Briar Press has a sales and wants section which often includes UK items, and some of the letterpress websites in the U.K. now have small sales and wants sections. In addition, there are suppliers of letterpress sundries such as NA Graphics (e-mail for a catalogue), American Printing Equipment & Supply Co, in U.S. and Drucken & Lernen in Germany (e-mail for a list), and there are type foundries in U.S., Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, India, New Zealand, etc. who will send to U.K. customers. On-line auction sites such as e-bay also feature U.K. sales of used equipment, etc.

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Organisations and Societies in U.K. with an emphasis on letterpress