Letterpress in Australia

Listed below are various aspects of current letterpress activity in Australia. Print Shops open to the public, in Heritage Parks, etc. are listed in a short checklist. That list also shows their major holdings of equipment, but there is a separate list of equipment, based on the Museums list, but in machine order to make it easier to track dowm a particular item of equipment. Another list is of active letterpress printers, but these may not necessarily welcome visitors except by appointment. Note that these lists are still being compiled, and any omissions would be welcomed.

This page also lists a few sources of paper, ink, etc., but as yet very sparsely. Please send any additions, amendments, or comments, to David Bolton.

List of Printing Museums in Australia
List of Private Presses in Australia
List of printing equipment in Museums in Australia
List of active letterpress Printers in Australia
List of letterpress courses in Australia
List of Suppliers
Some other websites with Australian content
Jürgen Wenger's monthly Shadowland Newsletter issues 1-100
Jürgen Wenger's Shadowland Newsletter issues 101 onwards
Pretext collation of book making activities in Australia and New Zealand
Australian Letterpress Fellowship facebook group
Letterpress Down Under New Zealand based yahoo group
Letpress worldwide letterpress e-mail group
Briar Press global letterpress community


The Warringah Printmakers Studio has a list of suppliers of ink, paper, plates, etc. The Printing Museum in New Zealand has a Buy and Sell page for equipment, etc. In addition:

TypeInk (albeit offset) can be obtained from the following: PaperRollers Guillotines Return to top of page

Written by David Bolton in 2014 and last updated 29 December 2019.