Miniature One-of-a-Kind Books

 Tulip spread 
The Alembic Press produces one or two miniature books each year (see Miniatures) alongside its range of larger format books, wood type cards, etc. It has now introduced a series of individual miniature books, each being a unique book illustrating a particular flower.
Small boxAll these books are hand illustrated with watercolours, and contain a background of hand-written text, which is based on excerpts from Gerard's Herball of the 16th century. There are two sizes of book: 3" x 2" (Hellebore, Columbine) and 1¾" x 1¼" (Crocus, Columbine, Primrose, Viola, Tulip, Narcissus). Each book is designed, painted, calligraphed and bound by Claire Bolton in a Japanese book cloth with ribbon tie. The smaller size are housed in a coloured corrugated card box. Each book is 25pp and priced at UK£60 or US$100. There is only one copy of each book.Large size
 Some books 

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