Empty Two Third Italic/California Job Case

(Two Third New York/Yankee Case)


This U.S. case configuration is shown by American Type Founders, American Line Type Book (1906) and Barnhardt Bros & Spindler, Book of Type Specimens No.9 (1907) and Hamilton Manufacturing Company, Modern Cabinets, Furniture and Materials for Printers, Catalog 14 (c.1907) as a Two-third Hamilton case labelled Italic Job and California Job. It is shown in Hamilton Manufacturing Co, Modern Printing Office Furniture (1922) as Model 2865 California Job. The case shown immediately before this one is a Model 2855 Yankee Job. However, the configuration of the Two Third California matches the configuration of the full-size Yankee (and indeed, the Double Yankee) shown elsewhere in the Catalogue, whereas the Two Third configuration labelled Yankee does not match the full-size Yankee, which suggests the Two Third cases may be wrongly labelled. A full-size Yankee (and New York) case has eight small boxes in the two top rows of each lower case bay, and a two-third version would be expected to repeat this. However, Hamilton show the two-third California with eight boxes, and the Yankee with seven. By contrast, Missouri-Central Type Foundry, Price List (1959) shows a correct Two Third California (ie with 7 + 7 boxes in each cap row).

American Type Founders, Specimen (1923), Hamilton Manufacturing Co, Printing Plant Equipment, Type Storage Section, Catalog 16 (c.1932), and Thompson Cabinet Co, Equipment for Printing Plants, Catalog 47 (c.1949) continue to show the Two Third California as here, with a top row of 8+8 boxes, as do Kelsey, Printers Guide Book (6th ed 1952), Lieberman, Printing as a Hobby (1963), Kelsey, Printers Supply Book (1969), American Printing Equipment & Supply Co Catalog (1987), and alsoWillshire-Jacobs in British Printing Society, Small Printer (June 1988). In 1998 the Black Rock Press at University of Nevada, Reno had Thompson Cabinet Co. cases as here, with Cal Job stamped on their sides. Therefore common practice seems to call this particular case California rather than Yankee. The lay is Two Third California. The dimensions of the cases at Black Rock Press are 21¾ x 16⅝ inches.

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