California Job Case

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This U.S. lay is that of Polk: The Practice of Printing (1926, 1937 and 1945) and Kelsey Press Co: Do Your Own Printing (1930). The purpose of the K- box in the top caps row is unclear. This character was shown by Hamilton in 1897 and by others, but was eventually omitted. Mistakenly, the Kelsey illustration does not divide the box above the i box, and shows it empty, rather than having 1 and 2, but as the adjacent boxes are shown with 3 and 4, this is obviously an error, especially as their illustration also divides the s box, which then results in two boxes for g.

There are several variants of this lay, with only the characters in the top right row changing. There is also, for example, a different English version shown by Whetton: Practical Printing & Binding (1946), and an Australian version of c1960.

The empty configuration is shown as California Job. The : ; boxes are smaller than the . - boxes, and in the caps bay, the top and bottom row are smaller boxes than the three middle rows. There is an alternative style with the : and ; boxes the same size as the x and q boxes e.g. Lieberman of 1963, and an earlier style with only the top row of caps smaller than the rest, e.g. Palmer & Rey of 1884.

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